ME by ELKA, a start-up family business, understood the importance of establishing a strong brand identity from the outset. Wanting to get it right the first time, they sought my expert guidance. Their mission centres on you, the client, as their top priority. Their approach to beauty centres on holistic care, respecting the interconnectedness of your body, skin, and hair. They prioritise creating a personalised experience filled with care, respect, and tranquillity. To reflect these values, the brand's visual identity exudes a minimal, neutral, calm, and elegant style. Carefully selected colours, fonts, and tones create a luxurious ambiance.

Me by Elka


"It's been such a pleasure working with you also, you made it so easy for us to bring everything to life in such a short amount of time. We appreciate all the time and work you put in for us and we love how everything has turned out. We have also had such amazing feedback since the re-branding launch, we couldn't be happier." - Nermina & Medina

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