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As our friends at TONIC say, forget everything you think you know about templates. It's time to utilise the power of done-for-you design PLUS the eye of a skilled designer to custom-fit your website like a designer gown. Take a look and select from any of these stunning templates. 

Beyond the Template

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White Ink Creative Templates

how this works


Brand Consultation

We'll meet to discuss your vision for your online presence β€” who you want to attract, what you value, how you want your website to feel, and ensure that a template customization is a great fit for your brand / what custom elements, if any, would be required to end up with a finished product that makes you excited to show up online.

Select A Template

We'll work together to choose the TONIC template that most closely represents the website your brand's been dreaming about. Can't decide? No problem. We've curated a selection of our favourites, and have experience knowing how to customise any design to fit your style. 

Customise + Tailor

After our kickoff call, where you'll provide me with images, content and anything else we'll need for success, over a period of 1-2 weeks, we'll work closely to transform your template into something much, much more β€” a powerful, stunning tool for your brand and business.

Launch in no Time!

One of the great things about starting with a template? The entire process is expedited. Our template customisation projects typically proceed in a timeframe of 1-2 weeks from initiation. Launch the site you can't wait to show off and get back to doing what you love most. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

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REVIEWS FROM showit template CLIENTS

loves notes

"I’m beyond proud of what Ash has designed for me. She has exceeded my expectations and has made the most beautiful brand and website I could have dreamed of. I can’t Thank you enough Ashleigh, you have exceeded my expectations I love it all."

β€” mel

Sleeping Soundly with Mel

β€œI wasn't sure a template was the right choice for me, but wow, the end result feels so custom!”

β€” client name

"Having Ash there every step of the way was just incredible. She was able to help me navigate through the branding experience to the website going live. She helped me learn things about the back end of a website I thought I never would! Her patience, understanding and complete professionalism throughout the whole process really has been one of the best experiences as a client I have ever had."

β€” wendy

Wendy Rennie Studio

β€œI wasn't sure a template was the right choice for me, but wow, the end result feels so custom!”

β€” client name

A tangible baseline

TONIC's templates are already designed programmed to perfection, built with pages and pages of stunning, customisable sections. Because we can see what's available, we can easily edit, refine, and make changes.

Benefits of Starting with a Template vs. Custom Design

acCelerated timeline

Because we're tailoring a template rather than starting from scratch, the timeframe can be cut down significantly. While custom sites with my studio typically take between 2-3 months, a template customisation can happen in as little as one week. 

Proven framework 

TONIC's templates are my favourite in the industry because their strategy is second to none β€” they're designed with a proven sales strategy and built to convert. 

Browse the Before & Afters



Visual person? Need to see the full makeover? No problem. here's a sampling of few of our favourite template tailoring transformations by Tonic.






Template customisation might be right for you if:

You're a visual person who know what you love most when you see it.

You want an elevated, customisable site that you can control and edit yourself in the future.

You like having the framework of a template, but want it to feel tailored specifically to your brand.

You like the idea of starting from a template, but want someone to customise it for you.

You have a somewhat simple site in mind, not 15+ pages or e-commerce needs.

You want a premium, stunning website design at a fraction of the cost.

Template Customisation Investment

*Excludes Showit Subscription, Domain, Brand/Logo Design and Tonic Template cost.

one template, endless possibilities


one payment of

approx $1997 usd



two payments of

approx $998 usd


Choose a payment option that best suits you to level up your online presence! This cost includes fully customising your chosen Template with 2 revisions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Tonic templates are built on Showit β€” a powerful drag and drop website builder. The best part? You don’t need to write a single line of code. A Showit subscription is required to use the templates, which includes hosting for both your site and blog, use of the software to customise and manage your site, and tech support along the way. 

What platform are these templates for?


You don't need one to start designing your site BUT you do need one when you're ready to launch. We suggest you go ahead and snag the one you're after just so you have it. (I recommend using Google Domains, GoDaddy or Crazy Domains.) Domain configuration is included as part of your customisation.

How does the domain stuff work?


Once I have all your content (copy, images, domain etc) I can have your first look at the website within a week. Two revisions are included for changes. The process typically takes 1-2 weeks depending on your timely feedback. Additional pages can be added at an extra cost.

How long will it take to customise?


No, the cost of the Tonic website template isn't included. Their templates are sold separately. Tonic Site Shop offers various templates at different prices ranging from $850-$1500 USD. You can check out their website to see their collection and pricing. Get a 15% discount on your  Tonic template using my affiliate code 'WIC'.

Is the Tonic template cost included?



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