Love in the Moonlight: A brand born from the tender moments of parenthood. This Australian Mama-Owned store celebrates the journey of motherhood, offering thoughtfully curated gift sets brimming with love, light, and a commitment to ethical and sustainable choices. Seeking a guiding light, the founder turned to White Ink Creative. Together, we crafted a professional brand identity that reflects the deep meaning behind Love in the Moonlight. The name itself evokes the tender love formed between parents as they care for their little ones in the stillness of the night. The logo is a visual poem. Delicate florals bloom within a moon, symbolizing growth, new beginnings, and the blossoming love of parenthood. The moon cleverly replaces the "O" in "Love," seamlessly connecting the name and imagery.

love in the moonlight

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"I’m absolutely in love with my brand and the creative work by @whiteinkcreative 🖤 Ashleigh, you are a dream to work with and I look forward to working with you again sometime soon. I can't recommend her enough" - Avril

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