5 signs it’s time to rebrand

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5 signs it’s time to rebrand. Is it time to rebrand? Your brand is an important tool to attract your dream clients, tell your story and market your products and/or services. With this in mind, you want your brand to be relevant at all times.

While unnecessary rebranding can confuse your audience, waiting too long can negatively affect your business.

A rebrand will help you to clarify your message, improve your position in the market and connect with your audience.

So, how do you know if the time is right?

Here are 5 signs it could be time to rebrand. If more than 3 of these apply to you, feel free to book a FREE Discovery Call or access my FREE Brand Checklist to gain more clarity and confidence for your brand.

1 – Your brand doesn’t have a clear message

Do you have a clear brand message? What are your goals, values and points of difference? If not, you could be confusing your audience. Your visual elements aid in clearly communicating your message. If there is no message and consistency, you will leave your audience feeling lost and confused.

You can see my full blog about Defining your Brand Message here.

2 – Your brand is inconsistent

Consistent use of your brand’s elements can increase your brand’s recognition and in turn, attract your dream clients. Two essentials to having a successful brand strategy are repetition and consistency. If you continue to present your brand consistently, over time, your audience will come to instantly recognise your brand values. It’s the know, like and trust factor. With these key elements consistently showing up, your audience will be more likely to engage with your product/service and purchase from you.

You can see my full blog about Brand Consistency here.

3 – Your visuals look outdated

Is your brand from a trend years ago? It’s important to have a timeless brand unless you are happy to constantly update and rebrand. Is your website up to date? Do you copy trends? Working with a brand designer you can finally curate a brand that is unique and aligns with your business.

4 – Your audience doesn’t connect with your brand anymore

Building a connection with your audience with your brand is key to a successful business. Have you done any market research lately or kept a log of where/how you are generating leads and conversions? Your brand is a way of telling your story in a way that your audience can connect with emotionally. Revisit your business foundations and see what has changed since you started.

5 – You’re not proud of your brand

How do you feel when you look at all your visual elements, brand message, goals, vision and story? Your brand should give you the confidence to show it off to the world and make you feel proud of your business. If you cringe handing out a business card, it’s time to consider rebranding.


If you related to these 5 signs, it might be time to consider rebranding. Your brand is successful and strategic marketing through visual communication design and elements executed to make up your entire business will differentiate you from competitors.

Pssssttt – you can claim my FREE Brand Checklist to get a sneak peek into my process and establish a clear brand strategy/direction for your business!

I hope these 5 Signs it’s time to rebrand were helpful to your business journey and growth. If you would like to work on these elements with me, feel free to reach out via email at info@whiteinkcreative.com.au and we can schedule a FREE Discovery Call to discuss your business and desired outcomes.

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