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Branding is more than your logo! Branding by definition, is a brand name, symbol, design, style or attribute that distinguishes a business. White Ink Creative is a full-service graphic design studio specialising in logo + brand design, advertising media and print design. Combining all visual communication elements to curate a successful brand identity that perfectly encapsulates the meaning behind your brand and captivates your dream clients.

You have less than 10 seconds to make an impression, let’s make them count! It is my job as a brand designer to ensure your first impression is memorable, showcases your values and personality, and creates an emotional connection with your intended audience.

Let’s explore 6 Branding Essentials:

01 – Brand Strategy

Approaching your marketing and branding with a strategic foundation first, you are more likely to get your desired results, and in turn, grow your business for success. When you execute a marketing tactic with the right strategy behind it, it will work well. By going in-depth into your brand strategy and what makes you and your business unique, you will be able to reach your ideal audience.

Defining a foundation strategy for your business will allow you to understand and communicate your message clearly. You will be able to use your brand strategy as a guide as your business grows. Reference it for your marketing and decision making to keep you on track and portray a consistent brand message. As you evolve you can adapt it and repeat it over in your business for clarity.

02 – Brand Naming and Tagline

What is the meaning behind your name? Does it communicate what you do or your values with ease? Your business name and tagline can make your audience instantly recognise you and or spark a connection. If you’re stuck figuring out what name and tagline is appropriate for your business, I can help you to come up with a name that is resonates with your audience and stands out amongst your competitors.

03 – Logo Design

Your logo is a pivotal part of your brand identity. It sets the foundation for communicating your purpose, vision, mission and values.  I work closely with each client to ensure the logo we create perfectly encapsulates the meaning behind the brand. I have been honoured to complete over 200 custom logo design projects with businesses from all over Australia.

Your logo should transcend trends and withstand the test of time. Your logo will be a conduit for your key values and makes your brand memorable to your target audience.

04 – Brand Identity Design

Your Brand Identity is any form of visual communication such as graphic design, packaging design, print design through to digital design. As a point of difference White Ink Creative is your all-in-one design partner, able to design all of your brand identity communication and roll-out requirements.

Exploring key elements for your brand identity:

Corporate stationery design – this can include items such as your business cards, letterheads, invoices or email signatures.

Website design – an online Prescence is vital to your brand identity. Ensure that you employ a professional web developer that can offer a responsive and easy to navigate. While I don’t currently offer websites as part of my packages I can offer website design mock-ups that you can give to your web developer to create.

Templates – larger companies may require a template for sharing files internally and externally. These can include Word documents and PowerPoint presentations.

Signage – another important aspect – your signage! From your internal signs to your shopfront and vehicles, signage is a great way to create brand awareness, advertising and promotion.

05 – Brand Guidelines

A brand guideline is exactly that: rules and guidelines for your brand for consistency. Every successful brand will have a strong Brand Guideline document behind them. Brand guidelines are also referred to as brand style guide and a brand manual. The purpose of a brand guidelines is to educate and guide you on how to effectively use and implement all your brand elements we create together in a consistent and professional way.

A brand guideline will help you and anybody that work with your brand provide consistency. This is a document you can give to your copywriter, photographer, social media manager, web developer and beyond so that anyone who touches your brand will be able to collaborate with you easily and create content that aligns with your brand.

Brand guidelines allow you to introduce your brand to every person you work with. They will know straight away what your brand stands for and how to use the visual and strategic elements, essential to creating a memorable brand.

06 – Brand Management

One of the reasons I started White Ink Creative was so that I could work closely with clients long-term to achieve their brand dreams. The purpose of Brand Management is to ensure your brand image follow the standards and guidelines we set together. This can include recommending valuable design assets to your business that will add value for your audience and increase your brand awareness.


Branding is more than your logo! It is successful and strategic marketing through visual communication design and elements executed to make up your entire business that will differentiate you from competitors.

I hope these 6 Branding Essentials were helpful to your business journey and growth. If you would like to work on these elements with me, feel free to reach out via email info@whiteinkcreative.com.au and we can schedule a FREE Discovery Call to discuss your business and desired outcomes.

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