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Starting your own business or wanting to rebrand is an exciting time but can become overwhelming. If you’ve been looking to work with a brand designer, you’re probably wondering what do you actually need?

While some businesses assume ‘just a logo’ is all they need to get started, others want to get everything right from the start – the full brand identity. This could include your social media templates, business cards, packaging/labels, stationery and more.

In this guide you will find my recommendations for what you really need when you’re in that first year of two of running a business.

1 – A clear vision and direction for your business

To have a successful strategy, launch and market your business, you need to have a clear understanding of the following:

  1. Your purpose and authenticity behind what lights you up and what you do.
  2. Who is your audience, what matters to them and what problems you solve for them.
  3. How your business, services or product helps your audience.
  4. Where you are in your industry and how you want to make people feel.

If you can identify these key elements, you’ll be able to build a strong foundation for your brand that is intentional, purposeful and memorable. Through my process we dive deep into these key elements during your brand strategy and brief questionnaire phase.

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2 – You need a flexible logo

When presenting your concept we provide the logo in different formats so you can see how it will be used across various platforms. These include a portrait, landscape and icon/sub mark versions.

Portrait – the main use version that will be the primary logo that includes the typography and icon.

Landscape – this version is narrower for use in areas where height is limited, such as the top of your website menu.

Icon/sub mark – a mini version with the icon/symbol only. Great for small areas such as a website favicon.

These are just a few ways the different layouts can be used to ensure you get the most out of your logo for years to come! Having these variations helps you create a well-rounded experience for your audience that is recognisable.

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3 – You need a colour palette and brand fonts

Your colour palette and fonts are another aspect of your brand that makes your business memorable and recognisable across all of your platforms and collateral.

For your colour palette, I recommend sticking to 4-5 colours broken up for different sections. 2-3 would be complimentary/neutral and 1-2 would be your main brand colours that can also be used to highlight important areas.

For your fonts, I recommend choosing 2-3 for your brand that you will use across all touch points of your business. We use 1 font for your main headlines/important information, 1 font for subheadings, 1 font for body copy and in some cases a feature font for special areas you want to stand out.

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4 – Every design decision needs purpose

From your logo to your fonts, colours and beyond, each decision should be made with intention and have a specific purpose or goal. This is key to creating an authentic brand that connects with your audience on a deeper level. We need to go beyond trends, personal preference and ‘pretty’ to push the boundaries and create a brand identity that will help your business thrive! If you make your design decisions based on trends/prettiness it is likely to date and you will outgrow it quickly. When we create your brand identity, we want to make it lasting, memorable and meaningful!

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5 – You need rules on how to use your branding consistently

Once you create your brand identity (DIY or with a brand designer) it is vital that you set rules for how everything will flow together. I like to include a Brand Style Guide that will educate you on how to implement and use your new branding elements. This tool empowers you with the confidence to use everything we’ve created in a consistent and cohesive way as your business grows. It can include (but not limited to) your logo variations/layouts, colour palette, font selections, mood board, collateral and more. Throughout the style guide you will find meaning and tools to guide and educate you on your brand journey.

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I hope these 5 Essential Brand elements were helpful to your business journey and growth. If you would like to work on these elements with me, feel free to reach out via email info@whiteinkcreative.com.au and we can schedule a FREE Discovery Call to discuss your business and desired outcomes.

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