While some businesses assume ‘just a logo’ is all they need to get started, others want to get everything right from the start – the full brand identity.  In this guide you will find my recommendations for what you really need.

Five Brand Essentials your Business needs



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Let’s talk – Why Branding is worth the investment. As a small business owner, I understand wanting to build your business on a budget. So, when it comes to hiring a brand strategist and designer for your business it can seem expensive. Branding is a big investment, especially when you’re trying to grow your business […]

Why Branding is worth the investment

Branding Tips


Hot topic: How to keep your brand consistent. If you’ve ever wondered how a brand achieved its recognition (think Prada, Gucci etc.) it isn’t just because it offers an amazing product/service, or a ‘beautiful’ logo. While these elements are important, Brand recognition can be simplified into one word: consistency! Consistency is so important and plays […]

How to keep your brand consistent

Branding Tips

Logo Design

Wondering if your branding looks professional and resonates with your dream clients? If you are, chances are it isn’t performing to its full potential. Here are 5 signs your brand looks unprofessional. You might have created your brand yourself when you first started, purchased a pre-made theme or worked with a designer, but you’re unsure […]

5 signs your brand looks unprofessional

Branding Tips

Logo Design

The ultimate question! DIY Design VS hiring a Brand Designer. Do you DIY your designs or hire an expert brand designer? While both are great options and have different advantages, there is no right or wrong answer, ultimately, it comes down to your personal choice and current situation. There are many successful businesses that have […]

DIY Design VS hiring a Brand Designer

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Logo Design

5 Brand Essentials every business needs. Learn what you need to grow your business successfully. While some assume ‘just a logo’ is all they need, others want to get everything right from the start. In this guide, you will find the top 5 Brand Essentials every business needs. 1 – Your Brand Identity needs a […]

5 Brand Essentials every business needs

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What is brand strategy and why do you need it? Are you constantly changing your logo or visual elements, only to feel like something is still off? Is your brand actually resonating with your dream clients, or is it purely aesthetic based on your own personal preferences? It can feel overwhelming when you are struggling […]

What is brand strategy?

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Define your brand with 5 questions. HINT: Know your why! When starting a business, it’s so important to know your why, vision, mission and values! These are qualities that set you apart in a saturated market. Tell your story with passion and let your authenticity shine. We explore these questions and more in our brief […]

Define your brand with 5 questions

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Signs it’s time to hire a Designer. When starting a business venture, it’s common for branding to be disregarded. Here are a few top reasons why you may feel this way: 1 – You don’t yet have a budget to spend on branding and can’t justify the cost at the time 2 – You think […]

Signs it’s time to hire a Designer

Branding Tips


How to choose your Brand fonts. Have you ever looked at your Brand and wondered if the fonts you’ve selected are resonating with your dream clients? Fonts are equally important to your branding as your colour choice. The typography palette selected helps to tie in all your visual communication together, from the copy on your […]

How to choose your Brand fonts

Branding Tips


How to choose your brand colour palette. When it comes to curating a consistent and cohesive brand for your business, you’ve got to have a strong colour palette! Colour conveys your values, makes you stand out and evokes different emotions. Colour is the simplest way to showcase your brand across multiple platforms. From your social […]

How to choose your brand colour palette

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